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Or we could confiscate Kuwait’s oil. Our troops are already there, and they can’t stop us – ditto the Saudis. “Well, Bush wants the oil personally.” Absurd. They said the same thing during Gulf War One. Why didn’t we take the oil then? The supposedly anti-war crowd in France cares nothing for the suffering of the Iraqi people or Saddam’s development of WMDs.
Where were they protesting when Saddam killed a million people in wars with Iraq, Kuwait, the Kurds and the Marsh Arabs? Iraq has lost between $100 billion and $200 billion in oil revenue so he can hold onto his programs to get nukes. Ken Adelman writes in the New York Post, “Iraq’s having gobs of oil shows how principled America and England are. For unlike the French and Russians, our leaders – both Republican and Democratic, Labour and conservative – have willingly sacrificed acquiring cheaper oil to force Saddam’s scrapping his WMD arsenal.”
Adelman writes that even Jimmy Carter declared what became known as “the Carter Doctrine,” pledging protection to all the oil-rich Persian Gulf states after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. Quote: “Moreover, Iraqi oil is not just there for the grabbing after liberation. Iraqi oil fields have become as dilapidated as has Iraq under Saddam…. To turn the protestors on their head: President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair don’t act on the basis of ‘blood for oil.’ It’s Saddam who’s been on a clear path of ‘oil for blood.’ That now must end.”
There is an embargo of Iraqi oil, but remember: it’s on the market anyway. If it were to flood the market, the price would go down – and all those evil oil stocks our president and vice president supposedly have (though they gave up millions worth to serve the nation) would be worth less. So the next time you hear someone chant this simplistic pap rather than face the true danger Saddam poses, tell them: “Yeah, this is all about oil – to France. France imports most of its oil from Iraq, and have sweet economic deals with the butcher of Baghdad.” That’s the truth, so speak it!

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