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Do you want to be surrounded by a bunch of negative people who constantly say, “It can’t be done,” or by people who say, “It can be done,” and who work to make it so? Bush spoke with vision when he said: “It is presumptuous and insulting to suggest that a whole region of the world, or the one-fifth of humanity that is Muslim, is somehow untouched by the most basic aspirations of life. Human cultures can be vastly different, yet the human heart desires the same good things everywhere on Earth.”
No longer is the goal of this war “regime change” or disarmament. For the first time, the president said that we’re going to close the Islamic “freedom gap.” This belief and faith in humanity comes from Mr. Bush’s faith in God – at a time when the EU’s biggest battle over a new constitution is whether or not to mention the Almighty. You can’t keep freedom bottled up, or drip it out as the USSR tried to do. Remember, Reagan brought them down with his vision in the face of those who said freedom wasn’t for Russians.
Today, Bush knows the Saudi royal family-types are falling apart, which is why the House of Saud wants us out so they can make the changes without appearing reactionary. But if you’re going to transform that region because democracies don’t use WMDs and terrorist tactics, why have we been messing with the United Nations? Why have we even reduced the standard for victory in a UN vote?
“We wanted to go to help out Tony Blair, Rush.” Is that why? Personally, I keep coming back to Colin Powell’s faith in the world body – a world body which, France and Germany in particular, stabbed the SecState in the back. Again: we don’t go anywhere to conquer or for oil. (There is no “empire,” as Pat Buchanan charged recently.) We are not rebuilding a nation here because we want to occupy it forever, or because we want oil. This war has always been about giving freedom to 23 million Iraqis and protecting our own security – nothing but. Now, it’s official.

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