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I’ve never seen this kind of behavior in my 52-year lifetime. These Democrats today have no relationship to the liberal or the Democratic movements. Socialist or Keynesian really characterizes an economic theory more than anything else; to call today’s Democrats such things doesn’t fully describe who they are – because they’re worse. Even socialists understood the value of tax cuts to help spur a flat or depressed economy. The Democratic Party is far more extreme in empowering the federal government, far more hostile to individual liberty and capitalism and national security than at any time since its founding. This is sure as heck not the party of Jefferson or Jackson.
I challenge you to go read the Federalist Papers or the Constitution. When you do, it will become evident that the Democratic Party has rejected some, if not many, of the principles of our founding. Tom Daschle dragged his feet on funding the Pentagon in the middle of a war! He tried to turn the Homeland Security Department into a bed-feathering operation for the unions. Hillary Clinton claimed that the administration’s significant efforts to try to deal with domestic terrorism threats were a myth, despite the record sums of money spent on it!
Isn’t it nice to know that Mrs. Clinton, who used to despise local law enforcement, now seeks to assume the role as its champion. We’re spending more on education than we ever have under the bill President Bush let Senator Ted Kennedy write, and they’re still not happy! They force us to work as slaves for their vote-buying schemes on the farm bill, health care and anything they can wedge under the title “the environment.” See how this is worse than liberalism or socialism? Should we call them “French” or “Francocrats”? They’ve crossed over to something “other” that defies description.

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