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After this huge admission by Eason Jordan on Friday in the New York Times, I don’t know how anybody can look at CNN and watch what they report without asking, what are they not telling us? What do they know that they’re not passing on? You have to wonder, especially when it comes to their buddies, like the Democrat candidates! They keep using this slogan, “The most trusted name in news.” You have to laugh. Maybe they need to try some new slogans:
CNN, we bring you the truth later rather than sooner
CNN, we fact check for 12 years before we report to you
CNN, What We Report, Saddam Decides

CNN reported that 11 chem-bio weapons labs have been found in the Iraqi town of Karbala, buried to escape detection. I’m wondering how long has CNN known this? This is a legitimate question, is it not? CNN knew for 12 years of the torture, rape and the barbarism of this regime against its own citizens and said nothing. I don’t know what to believe. How long have they known about these chemical-bio labs? They say there are documents in there, too. How long ago did CNN see those documents? Are they only now free to report their existence?
Franklin Foer, an associate editor of The New Republic, has an absolutely scathing piece on CNN’s Iraq cover-up on the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal. It’s called “CNN’s Access of Evil” and it details numerous episodes of CNN’s coverage seen now in light of what they had to do to maintain their access in Baghdad ? things like refer to Saddam as “President Saddam Hussein” and covering his “re-election” by 100% as if it was real. You can listen to me read this piece in the audio link below, folks. You’ll never believe anything you see on CNN again.

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