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Presumably she’d also allow me to quote our two other assassinated heads of state, Lincoln and McKinley, as they were both Republicans like Garfield. If I agree with a president – whether he’s a Republican, Democrat, Whig or Federalist – I’m going to praise him. Karen tried to claim that I had disparaged JFK in the past. I have always said that he is martyred and therefore above such ad hominem attacks. (I have teased his brother, but that is always good-natured.) In light of her call, a question: “Why is it that liberals hate facts and history?”
Stop and dwell upon that question for a moment, because that’s what Karen opposed. She didn’t like facts and history being presented because an educated public is the liberals’ worst enemy. A public that can take care of itself is a public that doesn’t want liberals in charge of their day-to-day life. The Democrats of today – unlike JFK – offer nothing of substance to create jobs, wealth, opportunity or prosperity, nothing to strengthen our national security or homeland security. They deride our institutions and traditions. They say, “Just vote for us, and we’ll take care of you.” But we don’t want to be “taken care of,” and the government can’t take care of us anyway as every experiment in socialism has proved.
We’re not the government’s dim-witted pet poodles. We’re independent-minded, and do best when we can take or leave the government – like, say, my cute little Abyssinian cats. When I demonstrate that this was not always the case with Democrats, that there were Democrats like JFK who didn’t always disparage the private sector and see the government as the answer to all life’s challenges, the liberals flip me the bird. When you use one of their heroes to debunk them, they have a cow. Instead, they should be happy to learn something new and say, “Hey, maybe if JFK was for it I need to reexamine my thinking.” But to do that, you have to have been thinking in the first place.

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