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Why is the only way an outsider can get access to that classroom is to have a uniformed officer go in the dead of night and use deception to enter? I’ll bet you parents have tried to get access but were denied. I’d bet money on that. The public education system is not teaching. It is indoctrinating the students.
[Note: This gets quite close to the reason for my giving the details of this story without giving opinion: everyone focused on the cop, without any outrage over the teacher.]
Dear Sir:
Why the hell do you spend an hour on a stupid cop, a doorknob teacher and a biased reporter? As you say, media bias is old hat and you could spend every program on it. It’s boring. Don’t you realize there are brave Americans getting shot at in Iraq and Afghanistan as I write this? Get a clue!
A postdoctoral researcher, chemistry department at Fargo, North Dakota
[Note: As I pointed out at the end of my experiment, I spent so much precious broadcast time on this to illustrate that people only mouth the words of caring about education.]

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