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If Mr. Treece posted pictures of me and Ronald Reagan on the wall, this cop would be a hero and the teacher would be on his way out. Apparently there were “rumors” about this teacher’s curriculum, so this officer investigated. It’s reported that there’s a “backlash” against Officer Mott, but not that there was any sort of backlash against the class content. Why does it take a cop, taking pictures at 1:30 AM on his own time, to find out what’s going on in this class? Where are the parents?
Is this not a public school? Our legal division doesn’t see any constitutional issue on the officer entering the classroom in his private or public capacity; there’s no expectation of privacy in a public school. We had a police officer call us up and say that Mott was off duty and out of his jurisdiction, so he shouldn’t have entered the school or asked to be let into the locked classroom. You can hear such calls below along with my lengthily reporting of the details. I dedicated more than an hour to this story, and here’s why:
After 70 minutes of discussion, all my e-mails and calls similarly focused on the cop – just like AP did. “So what, Rush?” So we hear education this and education that all the time in this country. Everybody claims to care about teaching “the children.” But if we really cared about education, 90% of the garbage going on inside classrooms wouldn’t be permitted. We would have parents involved in their children’s education that know every word on the chalkboard and in the books. A police officer – who from this story doesn’t seem to have any kids in the school much less in Treece’s class – wouldn’t have to enter through a service door and then ask a janitor to unlock the classroom for him. The parents would have expressed their outrage; instead, there wasn’t a peep.

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