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<a target=new href=”http://www.nps.gov/jaga/”></a> I read to you from one e-mailer who had listened to me as long as Karen, and who said he’d never heard me disparage JFK. (He also said, “I miss the gerbil updates.” If you want to know what they are, you’ll have to listen in the audio link below.) I look at Karen’s call differently than some of my friends out there. To me, that was one of the greatest calls we’ve had on this program in maybe two years. Karen is the quintessential arousal gapper. She admitted she doesn’t know anything about economics, and yet she votes!
She said I have no right to talk about JFK, saying she owns him and I can talk about guys like James Garfield only. Karen is what liberals want every American to be: unquestioning and accepting of their every talking point. They want you ignorant, miserable and angry – looking to them for every dollar, doctor and morsel of food. They want you to be offended any time a liberal is questioned. Karen was and is the quintessential mind-numbed robot. That poor woman is a microcosm of what they want this population to be. I thought that was the most eye-opening, informative and funny call we could want!

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