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Yes, my friends, U.S. district judge Harold Baer ordered that the damages be paid by bin Laden, al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Saddam, and the former Iraqi government. The judge ruled against them by default after they failed to respond to the lawsuits brought on behalf of two of the Trade Center dead. James E. Beasley, a Philadelphia lawyer, who brought the case, hopes to collect the money from frozen Iraqi, bin Laden, and al-Qaeda assets.
Now, the significance here is this. This judge, Harold Baer, is a notoriously left-wing judge ? and even he couldn’t ignore the links between Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and 9-11.
We also have two other stories in the stack of stuff ? one on the so-called looting at the Iraqi museum, where so much of that so-called Iraqi culture was lost forever. Well, it looks like we’ve found most of it now, and the stolen stuff was not stolen by looters. Our people have recovered nearly 700 artifacts and found about 39,400 manuscripts from the National Museum in Baghdad. Employees of the museum stole the stuff. It was an inside job ? and not the result of American troops neglecting to “protect” Iraqi culture.
And, the Defense Department says that initial examination of a tractor-trailer truck turned over to U.S. forces in Iraq indicates it might have been a mobile chemical or biological weapons laboratory. This is interesting, because, as you recall, Hans Blix said that his inspectors could find no evidence of mobile weapons labs.
So, more WMD evidence, to go with evidence proven in a liberal court of law, that Saddam and al-Qaeda are linked ? and to top it off, even the Iraqi culture lost in the museum has now been recovered. It’s all bad news for Democrats, folks. It’s all bad news.

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