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Yet, here are the Democrats making a big to-do over the carrier landing. Meanwhile, Patrick Leahy proudly displays himself in a flight suit on his own website, and not one media outlet sees fit to call attention to it or ask other Democrats about it.
Matt Drudge posted it on his website and so it looks like this Drudge guy is really way ahead of everybody, but the truth is that the elite guardians of the mainstream press would see that Leahy photo and not even see the newsworthiness of it, even though they are the ones acting as willing accomplices with the Democrats on raising hell about Bush’s carrier landing, which is a non-story. All that adds up to is pure, unadulterated sour grapes. The Democrats don’t have one person who could pull this off with credibility, including John F. Kerry, who if I’m not mistaken, served in Vietnam. Of course, I’m being facetious. He only tells us in one out of every two statements.
The Democrats are all a bunch of Michael Dukakis, Beetle Bailey types. And why? It’s not the way they look. It’s that on balance, the modern Democratic Party is full of left-wing wacko groups that look at the U.S. military as the great evil, as the great threat to world peace, and they’ve made no bones about it. So to see a Democrat landing on an aircraft carrier in a flight suit, praising the men and women of the U.S. military just wouldn’t fly in most people’s minds because they know the Democrats don’t believe this and it would be utter hypocrisy.

The reason it works with Bush comes back to the fact that he’s genuine. To a man and woman in the U.S. military, they are honored he is their commander-in-chief and on that aircraft carrier they were thrilled that he showed up to thank them. The real story here is not that Bush did the landing. The real story is not that Bush looks good in a flight suit. The real story is that each time the Democrats criticize him for it they lose respect and they lose strength within the military ranks, which include military voters, in this country and around the world. People have not forgotten that it was the Algore campaign, i.e., the Democrats back in Florida 2000 that were doing everything they could to discount absentee overseas military ballots.
Come on folks, is having Henry Waxman the front man on this the best the Democratic Party can do? They’re making fools of themselves, digging themselves an even deeper hole, and, frankly, it’s a joy to see.

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