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The last thing Democratic Party leaders want is a rebounding economy featuring job creation, because that would doom their chances to reacquire power – and that’s their #1 priority. They want you suffering from joblessness and high gas prices, so when you get a job or gas prices fall, they kick the family dog in anger! Even when Reagan created millions of new jobs, the Democrats had to disparage them as “hamburger flippers.”
They can’t get away with lies like that, anymore. We’re here to stop them, as are many smaller alternative truth outlets. I love that old Reagan line: “A recession is when your neighbor loses his job; a depression is when you lose your job – and a recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his job.”
I’d alter that and say a recovery is when Tom Daschle loses his job. After all, what are the core liberal beliefs on unemployment? #1: Increase the minimum wage. #2: Increase employer paid health care to include dental and mental. #3: Pass more regulations, rules and more requirements that end up punishing employers and make it harder for them to hire people. None of these actions increases jobs; in fact, they end up losing jobs. All these things do is make you more dependent on the government and get workers looking to the self-styled Mommies and Daddies of Us All in Washington for succor. Besides, the dirty little secret is that the government does not create jobs. The people do.
A good question for the next liberal who attacks you on this is: “What industry accounted for half the jobs lost in the last quarter?” The answer is travel and entertainment – and you tell me national security isn’t linked to the economy? The Economist of May 10th cites Morgan Stanley on this fact. Yet there isn’t one liberal out there with a plan to create jobs, since the only plan that works is tax cuts that take the government boot off the throat of business people. Imagine the boom if we would cut excise, hotel and guest taxes on the travel industry! But a boom isn’t what Democrats want – not on Bush’s watch, anyway.

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