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The final part of this bite is a montage of Democrats fulfilling my prediction – sad as it was – that although they didn’t want to see any more lives lost, the no-ideas party had poised itself to make political hay out of any new attack. Maxine Waters, Russ Feingold, Sheila Jackson Lee, Xavier Becerra all made statements like Democrat presidential candidate / senator Bob Graham: “I thought the priorities of the United States should be to win the war on terror before we took on other evils. If we had done that, Al-Qaeda would not have had the opportunity to regenerate.”
I predicted this point-for-point and almost word-for-word, but it’s no great prediction. Anybody paying any political attention to these matters could easily see what the Democrats were doing. Not once did you hear Al-Qaeda being blamed. Not once do you hear Democrats suggesting that we need to band together and continue to fight this war. No, the Democrats are suggesting here that this wouldn’t have happened had the administration not gone to Iraq – something which their guys voted to authorize!
They’re getting so little traction, the latest CBS/NY Times poll shows 66% of Americans can’t name one Democrat candidate! Everybody has known another Al-Qaeda attack was going to happen – and we don’t even know for sure they did this. An e-mail was sent in advance of this attack, which they’ve never done before. The case can be made that Al-Qaeda has been severely weakened, based on how primitive, inefficient and close to their base but far from ours this was. The Democrats may have jumped the gun here, so eager have they been to score points from any new attack.

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