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Estich gave a preview to Fox News Channel’s John Gibson on Wednesday afternoon, referring to the Democrat presidential field: “No one has any flash right now, that’s true. Now, first of all it’s hard to have flash when there are nine people on stage. Second of all let me say that the Clintons suck up a lot of air, and right now what you have going on is you got Sidney Blumenthal coming out with his new book with his $850,000 advance. He’s the former Clinton aide who’s going to rehearse all the scandals of the right-wing conspiracy. Then you got the Hillary book coming out. All our friends on Fox like nothing better than to talk about the Clintons anyway.”
It’s the Limbaugh Echo Syndrome again. This party is hog-tied by the Clintons, and as long as Terry McAuliffe is at the chairmanship of the DNC, the Clintons are still running the show. Obviously, Estrich has something for Sidney Blumenthal, which goes way back to the Dukakis campaign which she ran, because when liberals complain about how much money another liberal gets, there’s more going on than meets the eye.
But Estrich goes even further in her column asking, “Could somebody please tell these people to shut up? The Clintons suck up every bit of the available air. Nothing is left for anyone else. They are big, too big. That’s the problem. The 2004 candidates need a chance to get some attention, to rise to Clinton’s level, which they never will do as long as the likes of Sidney Blumenthal are playing into the hands of conservatives in insisting on debating the scandals of the 1990’s.”
I share with you even more details of her column, as well as Estrich herself, sounding like Carol Channing on Fox, in the audio link below. This column is not widely available yet, as it’s only run in a handful of print papers, so I urge you all to listen to me read it. It’s truly amazing – and right on the money.

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