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The World Health Organization first made this known, and it’s on our website ever since. Our tens of thousands of beloved Rush 24/7 members, can access it each and every day, and read it. We’ve made it free for all right now just so people can once again access it, because it’s just classic. They suppressed it because it came up exactly opposite of what they thought what they wanted. And it’s a huge survey of a lot of people. This whole secondhand smoke business is an absolute lie, a myth, and now there’s another study that basically confirms it! The media today is acting like this is the first one they’ve ever seen. Well, we have both of them, right at the bottom of this page.

The New York Post, earlier this week, ran a survey of local bars and restaurants in New York City to find out how they’re being affected by the smoking ban, and quite a few of them say businesses is way, way down. Mayor Bloomberg dismissed this, because he says restaurants close every day in New York, but fortunately new ones open every day, too.

John Podhoretz has responded in a column that the problem is that when restaurants close and open due to the ebb and flow of the free market, that’s fine, but businesses closing because they’re hurt by a law – that’s a different matter. That’s what’s happened in New York City. We have a nanny state mayor who has decided that secondhand smoke will kill and people must not be forced to be around it. So he’s outlawed smoking and as a result, a lot of businesses, bars and restaurants are hurting. Podhoretz’s point is: here we have a billionaire saying, ‘Well, so what if these little small-fries go out of business, they’ll be replaced.’ It’s total insensitivity. It’s about time this guy came out of the clouds and started realizing that his own self-preferences affect real people.

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