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That’s just what Clinton did – most memorably in the case of Kathleen Willey. (Of course, we don’t hear any tales that JFK didn’t know that ‘No!’ means ‘No.’) The Clinton Legacy Rehab team wants you to draw the conclusion that since JFK was a great president, so is Clinton. All these Democrats and liberals are ripping JFK to make Clinton look good. Isn’t it ironic that there’s no outcry over this, yet people like Karen in Sacramento freak out if I mention that JFK agreed with us on tax cuts?

Consider this press release from the JFK Library website: ‘A conversation with President Bill Clinton, 2:45 to 4:15 p.m., Wednesday, May 28th. Senator Edward M. Kennedy will introduce President Clinton, who will engage in a wide-ranging conversation with presidential historian Michael Bechloss. President Clinton will reflect upon his own legacy.’ Oh, no kidding. Clinton hates to talk about himself! Seating will be decided by lottery – yes, gambling! The Kennedy family is actively aiding those who are besmirching the presidency of JFK as a way to rehab Bill Clinton’s place in history.

How can they be releasing all this information to these historians? George in Winston-Salem, North Carolina rang me up on Tuesday to suggest that the Democrats are trashing JFK because the Republicans are using him so successfully to show support for Bush’s economic policy. If that’s true, these people know no bounds nor loyalty. Democrats are scared to death of tax cuts, but would they really throw JFK’s legacy overboard to save their own petty political power? Perhaps they would, because if the economy starts coming back thanks to this tax cut, it’s ‘Game over, man’ for the Democrats.

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