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Now we bring you this shocker from ABC News: “[F]ederal agents seeking bin Laden had developed a plan to have a plane fly in and attack a compound in Kandahar, Afghanistan, where the terror leader was believed to have been holed up back in 1998 ? three years before the devastating attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. But when the plan went up the chain of command for approval, it was killed by then-Attorney General Janet Reno. ‘They came to the decision that this plan was probably too dangerous, that the loss of life on the ground would have been significant,’ (former FBI agent Jack) Cloonan said. ‘There was concern that people around the bin Laden compound would be killed.'”
This is just unbelievable, and it bears out the frustration of all those who said we shouldn’t deal with international terrorists through the legal system. They aren’t criminals; they’re enemy combatants. Why mess with a grand jury when you could use a military tribunal? Remember that one of the reasons Clinton didn’t take custody of bin Laden from the Sudanese was a perceived lack of legal evidence to hold him. Another downfall of indicting terrorists in a grand jury is that the information revealed there is sealed. You can’t use it to “connect the dots.”
Information used in the first WTC bombing trial helped Al-Qaeda hide it’s tracks (or “dots”) when planning 9/11. This exposes the folly of the law the Democratic Congress passed banning the FBI and CIA from sharing information, because the FBI couldn’t tell the CIA what they knew about bin Laden. The Clinton administration’s grand jury procedure made it impossible for agencies to share information from things like the plot to blow up those airliners over the Pacific in the mid-90s. Never forget this, folks: the Clinton administration – and in some cases Clinton personally – chose to let bin Laden roam free.

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