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A memo by Reagan official Donald J. Devine of the American Conservative Union: “Journalistic conservatism is silent about this growth of government, which is especially fueled by neoconservative dreams of empire and which threatens the whole project of American liberty.” So fear not those of you who have gotten mad at me for criticizing the Bush administration and GOP Congress for spending more and growing government on the education bill, farm bill, etc., and saying that conservatives should be outraged that the federal budget spends $2.3 trillion a year. Apparently what I say doesn’t matter.
Devine claims that “most conservative pressure ends up as simple cheerleading for the White House.” I have said that Republicans are spending right along with Democrats, and that the president has gone along with them. I have demanded to know how in the world $50 billion in tax cuts so far equals a $400 billion deficit, yet spending $2.3 trillion somehow has no role in it – especially when tax cuts increase revenue. I have said that the more of our money the government spends, the less money we have to spend and reminded everyone that CFR is an attack on the First Amendment and that the Constitution limits what government can do, not what individuals can do.
The Founding Fathers, in their infinite wisdom, saw the need to leave all journalists alone – not just the New York Times, but the National Enquirer and guys like James Callendar who smeared for and against Thomas Jefferson. Ralph Z. Hallow cites this Divine memo and others in his Washington Times column headlined: “Activists on the Right Fear a Waning Influence.” He makes this point that there is “nobody” carrying the banner for limited government. He cites conservatives who urged Bush to fight for Senate confirmation of judicial nominees, even those “moderates” from the Clinton administration.
That was the “new tone,” and I’ve ripped it from day one! (But apparently I’m not heard in the Beltway.) I’ve said that you’re nuts if you think you can get along with liberals. I guess people like you and me don’t matter until it’s election time – and then these Beltway blowhards come calling hat in hand and act like what you want matters. Since it’s too far from Election Day, they just talk to each other and decide that they’re all that matters. If only I had an address inside the hallowed boundaries of I-495, I could be a voice that the self-appointed conservative intellectuals would recognize. What a bizarre piece. Clearly these guys never heard that so long as I’m here, it doesn’t matter where “here” is.

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