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Everybody would have to admit that government programs, food stamps, children, health insurance and seniors on prescription drugs suffered no pain during the last year of the Clinton presidency. I don’t recall any mass panics, do you? Of course not, because we had a Democrat in the office! There were no complaints about the entitlement safety hammock, because Clinton was serving his last year and the legacy rewrite was underway. Everything is okay so long as they’re in power, but when Republicans control things life is hell. Notice how we only hear about the homeless when Republicans are in power, for example. (Note: This Economic Slowdown is Over)
Now the government spent $1.789 trillion in fiscal year 2000, and $75 billion more – $1.864 trillion – in 2001, and we were said to be in fat city in 2000 to 2001. Every program had full funding, seniors were dancing in the streets, school kids were getting two school lunches if they wanted, dogs and cats were living together, etc. My point? If we spent the exact same amount in 2003 that we spent in 2000 or 2001, we would have budget surpluses of $58 billion and $27 billion respectively! Instead, we’ll spend $2.3 trillion in 2003 – and we’re wondering where this deficit came from?
We’ve added almost $330 billion in new spending since Clinton’s final budget! So when you hear Tom Daschle whining that tax cuts cause deficits in the audio link below, ask how a mere $50 billion in tax relief compares with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of billions in new spending. Ask yourself why Daschle and the states keep right on spending when the American people, say, “You know what? We can’t afford to spend that much on the government, because we need the money at home.” The kicker of all this is: from JFK to Reagan, cutting taxes has increased revenue to Washington. No spending program has ever done that.

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