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Later in the day I’m told that the DNC decided to add a white employee to the list of ten after Donna Brazile complained. I have this on pretty good authority and then after the hubbub they decided to cancel the whole thing. The ten people keep their jobs. Brazile said, “I’m glad they’re reversing course because this would have been the wrong decision. The Democratic Party would have ended up with egg on its face.” I had a spy someplace where Donna Brazile was on Thursday. My spy told Ms. Brazile that I had commented on this and she wanted to know what I said, and it was said to her exactly what I said, that it was very ironic that Democrats would be firing black people. Brazile said, “Rush is right. That’s absolutely right. We’re not Republicans here.” Except I don’t think she understood that what she said was funny.
Nevertheless, ladies and gentlemen, they may want to credit Donna Brazile. They may want to credit outrage of black Democratic leaders, but make no mistake, my friends; these jobs were saved because this program highlighted the maneuvering. In an act of bipartisan, nonpartisan compassion, I, El Rushbo, actually saved the jobs of ten black workers at the DNC, and in the process put a further crimp in their campaigning because now they’re going to have less money.
Now, the white guy might still get the axe. I haven’t heard anything about him. They probably did fire the white guy just to make it really fair. It’s diversity in firing, I suppose, to reinstate the ten black people that were going to be fired, but not the white guy. He’s probably still on the beach, or will soon be.

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