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The same people complaining about this still, to this day, will not complain about FDR interring 120,000 Japanese and Japanese-American citizens. He grabbed a lot of Italians and Germans too – not so you’d ever know, since no one will criticize Democrat presidents. It’s as though 9-11 never happened to these people. That day was so horrible, they want to just forget it and bury their heads in the sand again. Remember that every one of these people detained here at home was illegal, and that those found innocent were released. Ditto at Gitmo.
That’s enough for me. What does “illegal” mean, folks? Is it racist to enforce our borders? FDR’s policy against Americans whose only crime was their ancestry, was pure, full-fledged racism – and don’t give me this “reluctant” business. Today, there are people out there that want to kill Americans, and they will use any weapons they can to do it. How many people have to die before you actually come to grips with what we face? Or is it that you think that Americans deserve to die because of the evil you think we’ve perpetrated across the globe? If so, listen to those who lived at Gitmo from the March 26, 2003 Chicago Tribune:
“‘There is no need to lie,’ said, Sayed Abasin, 21, whose record from Cuba shows he was seen 37 times by the medical staff, for everything from knee pain to sinusitis. ‘I’m telling you the facts. They treated us very well.'” In response to the complaints of human-rights groups complaining of inhumane conditions and torture: “[T]he men were generally reluctant to criticize the Americans. Although they had no watches, the men said they were told when to pray in prison, five times a day. They said they performed ablutions with the water provided in their cells. They said they were fed fish and vegetables and given books to read. Several men said they were treated much worse at military bases in Afghanistan than in Cuba.” These guys are more pro-America than some Democrats out there! These stories are amazing, folks – and they prove those who’d paint us as an Evil Empire are wrong.

FDR Gets a Pass on His Interment of Americans for Their Ancestry…
<a target=new href=”http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/MRC/internment.html”>(UC Berkeley: Japanese Interment: Videos in the Media Resources Center UCB)</a>
<a target=new href=”http://service.bfast.com/bfast/click?bfmid=2181&sourceid=38461944&bfpid=1890771406&bfmtype=book”>(The Secret History of Italian American Evacuation and Interment During WWII)</a>

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