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There is a war going on in this country that, politically, mirrors the Israel-Palestine situation. You can hear it when I welcome liberals to my program. They do not care for facts or reason. Their obsession with Bush is destroying their lives, just as it destroys everyone who hates. They’re foaming at the mouth! They resent anything positive that happens for America because of the man in the White House! Now, I’m not denying for a minute that there was hatred for Clinton. I didn’t harbor any hatred for the guy. I don’t hate anybody. It’s not productive. I’m a man of love and peace.
I always said he’d be a fun guy to chase women or watch a ballgame with. I just didn’t want him as president. But I am here to tell you that where there was hatred for Clinton on the right, it has been forever surpassed by hatred for Bush on the left. This hatred goes from the top of the ivory towers of intellectual academe, all the way down to the lowest depths in raunchy places like Ted Kaczynski’s shack. The hate covers the whole economic spectrum. There is abject, total hatred, and it has officially exceeded this week any similar dislike for Bill Clinton on the right after only two years of the Bush presidency.
Wow. That’s really something.

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