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I cannot keep a straight face with this story, as you can hear in the audio link below where I giggle through it and then talk to callers who don’t get it either! This lonely think tank, headed by Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta, has the hilarious moniker: “The American Majority Institute.” They say it’ll “give their party the unified message it lacked in 2002 and counter the well-funded network of conservative policy shops.” Oh, this is too good! They name The Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute and the American Enterprise Institute on the right.
Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart joins the chorus of denial, failing to realize that the Dems got their message out in 2002, and the voters rejected it. Joe, if you can’t get your message out, how do you explain how all these liberal columnists and TV pundits using the same DNC line hours after your faxes go out? Where’d the made-up word “gravitas” come from? You can’t tell me that Thomas Oliphant, Al Hunt and Paul Krugman don’t pepper their columns with your information and pass it on to their millions of consumers. If you think Peter Jennings and Dan Rather are putting out conservative talking points every night, you can’t be serious! Senator Byron Dorgan, known affectionately here as “Old Helmet Head,” said, “We have to begin building a structure similar to what the Republicans have funded for many years. We’re trying to begin that process, but it’s slow.”

What a bunch of crybabies! This is a Clinton think tank, folks, as you can tell when you read who’s setting it up in the article. We keep reading stories about how these poor nine Democrat presidential candidates can’t raise money, and how they tried to fire ten African-American workers to raise cash at the DNC, yet all the money’s going into Clinton rehabilitation efforts like this, Bill’s library and Hillary’s book! The liberals are right about one thing: conservatives have done a great job building up intellectual defenses for what they believe at these think tanks, at times when liberals could just make a statement and count on their willing accomplices in the press to pass it along to a public with no other news outlets to choose.
Look how long it took William F. Buckley to come along. With that said, I’ll tell you something: if it weren’t for all those early people back then – the Friedrich Hayeks, the Russell Kirks, the Buckleys and so forth – I wouldn’t be so heavily armed with intellectual backup for my conservative instincts. The liberals haven’t had to provide such proof for 50 years. They just said something and if you disagreed with them, they’d call you names or simply not put you on the air. Now they’re trying to play catch up by copying us. It’s not going to work.

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