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If your social orientation is toward big government and government being central in everybody’s lives – if you think when you’ve got a problem, that the government’s where you’re going to solve it – then join the Democrats. It’s just that simple. If you think you are in control of your life, join the Republicans. We all have wants and needs. We all have things we desire. We all have things we need. There’s basically a big argument going on in this country how best to provide them.
Should the free market be the primary source for satisfying wants and needs, where individuals use their talent, ambition and ingenuity to acquire these things, and thereby depend on themselves and their network of friends, associates and family – or is government best or better at providing these things? Is government going to do the best job of giving you what you want? For example, do you want a home on a beach? Do you think government is the best way to go to get your home on the beach?
Do you want health care for yourself and your family? Do you want to have no financial worries? Is the government the best source for you to invest in to get to that point? That’s the argument. There are many people who want to steer you to government for all the answers to all the wants and needs that you have, and there are those like me who think that you are in far more control, far more command, and have far more ability to be interested in yourself than any bureaucrat or any agency or any government at large.
If it helps you in your decision, think about this: If you want the government involved in almost every aspect of your decision-making and your life – if you want the government to be involved in the outcomes of life – then become a Democrat and become a liberal. But if you want to rely on yourself and this network of friends, associates, family and all that to provide for your wants and needs, then become a conservative. My guess is you ought to know which one you are based on that definition. Most people usually do when presented with the two options that way.

I mean, that’s what this is all about. When you boil it all down, what we’re arguing about, is that we as human beings all want certain things and we all need certain things. Our desires differ; our needs are pretty much the same. Sometimes the lines get blurred as to what a “need” versus a “desire” is, but it really boils down to where’s the best place to go to solve or to acquire your wants and needs. I’ve always, my whole life, thought, “Not only is it my responsibility to provide my needs and wants, I would be far better if I did because I’m going to end up getting a lot more of what I need and a lot more of what I want.”
I don’t want to be waiting or depending on somebody that I don’t even know to give me something every day. The odds that I’m going to get all I need and all I want on the basis of somebody’s being nice to me is too much of a long shot. I don’t even want to mess with it. But we have a percentage of our population which has been conditioned to think that way. I could point out the areas of town where they live – and it’s a damn shame, because they have been lied to. They have been falsely promised. They have had their hopes raised year after year after year, yet they live in comparative squalor and end up despising and resenting those that don’t.
They’ve been depending on all these people who tell them, “Just stick with us and you’ll have your needs, and you’ll have your wants. We’ll take care of you. We have more compassion for you than other people do.” I don’t care what town you live in or what part of the country you visit, you can find the people who have decided that they’re not going to count on themselves, because they’ve been convinced for a whole host of reasons that it’s better to count on some politician or some government agency or government at large to help them. You can see, my friends, in a very quick glance – town to town, neighborhood to neighborhood – what the best way to solve the dilemma over satisfying your wants and needs is. It doesn’t take much effort at all, and when you make that effort, I know which side you’ll come down on.

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