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I received an e-mail from a couple who said: “We are conservatives, and we own a business. We’ve heard your arguments against granting the extra tax credit to people making under $16,000 a year. You note that they pay no taxes. Rush, I’m sorry, but we just can’t agree with you on this one. If you have children, you should receive the same tax credit as anyone else.” I wrote the couple back to ask, “If someone in your business has a baby, do you give them a raise automatically?” Similarly, car companies are giving away cash rebates – why should they be limited just to people who buy cars? This could be a Mars vs. Venus thing, but I took calls finding men and women on both sides of this.To let these Democrats get away with blaming Republicans and the president is the mistake. The GOP should not go along with what is, in essence, a welfare bill just because fighting it is supposedly a political loser. I’d ask you conservatives who want to sell out principle on this issue to remember this when the GOP caves to the left on an issue you care about. If “compassion” is going to be defined as gifts, taken from taxpayers and given to non-taxpayers, where does it stop? How can you oppose the government starting any new program like the guaranteed minimum income of $100K a year?

George McGovern ran on a guaranteed income in 1972 – and conservatives now support the concept! “What? No, we don’t, Rush!” Yes, yes, you do, because this is the same kind of thinking as McGovern’s. It’s driving the prescription drug benefit, too. If you’ve lived long enough to retire in this country, you have “contributed” and you, therefore, have a claim on the earnings of your fellow Americans. It’s sort of like the minimum wage. If we’re going to raise it to $10, why not $20 or $50? When you get to the point where you say, “That’s too high,” I have got you because why is anything too high? “But, Rush, the Democrats will kill us on this.” They attack us anyway, no matter what we do! This is not a sales tax cut or FICA cut. You can cut those taxes and I’d applaud it, but don’t call this a tax cut when it’s not.


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