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But all these little kids that were farmed out to the daycare centers never forgot mom and dad saying, “You’re a good tax deduction, but you’re a hassle.” Experts credit this trend in part to “the entry into parenthood of a generation of latchkey kids.” Yes, according to the latest Census numbers, the very children who experienced the fallout of feminism are breaking this newly imposed social stigma against staying at home. Nearly 10.6 million children had stay-at-home mothers in 2002, up 13% in less than a decade. In the audio links below, I explore two versions of this story and discuss the issue with callers.
The first article comes from AP: “Census: More Kids with Stay-at-Home Mom.” It makes no mention of the fathers. The second article, from the Washington Times, does. It has basically the same headline along with more salient facts. The militant feminists are going to flip out over this setback. Until they come up with an artificial womb for men, women will bear children and have a unique bond. Fathers have a bond with children, too, but we’re different – and the feminist movement tried very hard to deny that obvious fact. Maternity leave gave women more time to spend with their newborns. Why should those who found they liked spending time with the kids feel like less of a woman because she doesn’t go back to the workforce? Would we subject a man who put his career on hold to spend time with the kids so harshly?
You cannot ignore this fundamental, mean-spirited, elitist peer pressure of feminism. It was best embodied in Hillary Clinton sneering, “I guess I could have stayed at home and made cookies” when people questioned the power she had as an un-elected human being – not an un-elected woman. A lot of people say that economic circumstances and high taxes led to the two-income family with latchkey kids. There’s a certain element of truth in that, but let us not ignore the fact that the two-income family was also the result of pressure brought about by the modern era of feminist leaders. The effect of their politics on kids never figured into their plans. Nowhere was the thought that perhaps the fathers should stay home with the kids, or that kids should be deferred until careers were set. Now the kids grew up, and they’re not buying into this for their children.

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