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So Tuesday, Ann Coulter showed up at Good Morning, America, where Diane Sawyer drew the honor of interviewing, and we put together a montage of Diane Sawyer describing Ann Coulter. It’s sort of mild, but it suffices as a prediction come true, that the left would have some problems here. You can hear it in the audio link below, as well as some of the questions and answers. Now, you need to know this about Joseph McCarthy, I remember shortly after this program exploded on the national scene, many of the nation’s leading TV hosts wanted to interview me to find out if I was human, find out where I came from, find out what I ate, find out who raised me, find out if I really believed all that I believe, and one such person was Tom Snyder. The first thing Tom Snyder demanded to know was what I thought about Joseph McCarthy. That was the litmus test and boy, I had to have the right answers, or I was going to get creamed.

Coulter’s whole book is not McCarthy. She touches on many other subjects as well, and Sawyer asked her about how her book will stand up against Hillary. Coulter said, “Well, I think she has a three to one pound advantage over me, but we’ll see.” Sawyer didn’t like this at all. You just don’t talk about Hillary below the waist, folks, in any way, shape, manner, or form. If you’re out there at a cocktail party with a bunch of liberals, whatever you do, don’t ask them if they’ve ever noticed that Hillary only wears pants suits.
Don’t do it, folks. You have no idea what you’re in for. Ann Coulter got real close here bringing up this three to one weight advantage that Hillary has when it comes to books.

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