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Ramesh Ponnuru in National Review Online today has an interesting piece in which he says that it may not be good that the Democrats are tracking so far left. It’s an interesting theory, which I tackle in There Is No Vacuum In the Center. Two other articles, which I discuss in the audio link below, provide more examples of a party and a movement that are in the midst of a nervous breakdown. There’s an op-ed in the Washington Post by Harold Meyerson. His considerable rage is directed at Justice Scalia and the GOP, this time on the matter of the recent Texas case, and the issue of gay rights. He calls the GOP a “rat’s nest of bigots.”
Then the Washington Times, in their Inside Politics section includes this item; “Even James Carville, the Democratic partisan known for his take-no-prisoners rhetoric, is feeling the heat from frustrated party members, according to the Associated Press. Carville said that during the recent trip to Seattle, the liberal bastion where he is usually well received, he was berated for not working hard enough to oust President Bush. ‘There’s an intense anger out there among Democrats like nothing I’ve ever seen and they’re upset with their own leaders,’ Carville said.”

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