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A Difficult Job That Deserves Thanks

The fact remains that the war is not over in Iraq. It still continues, and we still find ourselves enmeshed in hostilities there, not as profound as it was during the 21 days of the war, but the heat is on. This is one of the reasons we need to acknowledge and remember our men and women who are over there putting their lives on the line so as to ensure that our lives, and our families’ lives, are not on the line. When you stop and think about the job they’re doing, it’s really quite remarkable.

What’s also incredible is the extent to which the Democrats are going in trying to hang around the neck of the president the albatross that he was lying about all this, and why we did it. Baghdad Jim McDermott even has a column out saying that the Iraqis would have been much better off if we hadn’t gone over there. They claim the Iraqis are actually worse off now than beforehand because they had a great infrastructure. They had water, electricity, roads and highways. Folks, that’s just flat out BS.

The Iraqis had an economy that didn’t exist and they were living in a torture chamber of a country. It’s just amazing how the criticism of the president knows no bounds because it’s election time, and the Democrats are trying to puff up and appear like hulks and strong, super men when it comes to national defense and military matters. But they just aren’t going to be able to pull it off. Not a chance.

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