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Chris, New York City: ?I see an anti-feminism movement amongst young men who pretty much said enough is enough, I’m a guy, let me be your guy, not your personal ATM machine.?
Rush: ?I will concede that in the seventies and eighties, feminism screwed everybody up. Women didn’t know who they were supposed to be, men didn’t know who they were supposed to be, and that’s sort of relaxed now.?
Beth, Ohio: ?As a 22-year-old girl I recognize that a lot of girls my age are very liberal and I think that guys recognize that liberal values really aren’t constructive to marriage, so they’re looking for a good conservative girl so their marriage lasts.?
Rush: ?Who in their right mind wants to marry a feminist, other than some crack-ball liberal anyway? That’s tortuous punishment. You may as well say spank me every night, and not in the fun way.?
Beth: ?Marriage isn?t really a strong value anymore? people don’t feel like they have to get married, they can co-exist.?
Rush: ?When I was a young boy, the parents of my generation told their children that the most precious thing you can take into your wedding bedroom night is your virginity. That was one of the values with which we were raised. Do you think anybody in great quantity is being told that today by their parents??
Mike, Des Moines: ?It seems to me there’s a lot of them [women] that are not all that interested in building a marital relationship. They’re interested in building a marital empire.?
Rush: ?If I could get a dollar for every husband who has ever complained about his wife thus, ?Damn women are so controlling,? I wouldn’t have to do this show.?
Heidi, California: ?I’d say these reality shows that they have on these days are contributing to the way women think they need to behave.?
Rush: ?I can?t tell you the number of two-tone green leisure suits purchased at Kmart worn by guys back in the day, but I never saw one on TV… And these guys thought they were cool? and the women with them, I’m sure thought they were cool, too.?

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