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Since George W. Bush became president and since the Iraq war began, this has really intensified. Patriotism equals criticizing your country to these creeps on the left. They think you aren’t patriotic unless you criticize your country. Freedom and patriotism means the right to criticize your country to them, and while that’s literally true, it’s how the left wants to define patriotism. They’re the ones who find the biggest faults with this country, and so therefore they think they’re being bigger than the rest of us by pointing those faults out, day in and day out.
In fact, a new Gallup poll out for the Independence Day weekend, showed that 7 in 10 Americans are “extremely proud” to be Americans. If you go inside this poll, however, you find these astounding numbers: Eighty percent of conservatives are extremely proud of the country, compared with 68% of moderates and 56% of liberals. More than 8 in 10 Republicans are extremely proud to be Americans, while two-thirds of Democrats feel this way. Only 56% of liberals are proud of this country, folks. Meanwhile conservatives and Republicans are overwhelmingly proud. What does this tell you, my friends?
It dovetails with those cockeyed definitions of patriotism that they’ve created. If the truth be told, liberal elites and congressional Democrats are even less proud of our nation than the garden-variety liberals and Democrats. This is why there is such a great struggle in our country between those who seek to defend our institutions and traditions and those who seek to disparage, change, and even destroy them. I’ve said throughout the nearly 15-year histoire of this program that there are those of us who defend the institutions and traditions that have made this country great, and there are others who ridicule them, disparage them, and try to tear them down. We know who is who in that equation.

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