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At the end of the story, we finally get to the facts: “Federal agencies have disclosed 39,000 pages of internal documents related to the work of Cheney’s energy task force, material which so far has yielded nothing.” The Cheney task force generated almost 40,000 pages of documents and nothing has been found wrong in them! To this point, we’ve been led to believe that the administration is completely stonewalling. It clearly hasn’t been doing any such thing. It’s poured out tons of documents – a fact which isn’t hidden by the reporters little dig that “so far” nothing has been found.
For Republicans, no evidence that Cheney or anybody else did anything wrong, is evidence that the production of these pages is suspect, insufficient and that the cover-up is going perfectly. This 2-1 vote was right along partisan lines: Democrat judges voting to help keep this story alive as a political issue. Add this to the effort in rewriting history implying that the African uranium intelligence was the one and only reason for liberating Iraq, and you see the power of the left-wing media in full force.

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