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Note the president said “Africa,” not “Niger.” Now all these liberals are acting as if that one line convinced them to support the war. Of course, they never supported it anyway! Furthermore, Bill Clinton and John F. Kerry and all the rest of these Democrats talked about Saddam Hussein’s nuclear ambitions as a matter of course for years. So what if this one piece of data, put out there as a red herring by the French and never cited by the president, turned out to be false? This is why CIA Director George Tenet’s apology and all these other administration officials rushing to say they’re sorry about this makes no sense.
There’s not only no reason for Tenet to fall on his sword, there’s no reason for a sword! This has become an incredible false story, egged on by stories like the one from CBSNews.com headlined “Bush Knew Iraq Info was False.” There’s nothing in the actual story that says that or backs it up, yet that’s the headline! CBS: “CIA officials warned members of the President?s National Security Council Staff the intelligence was not good enough to make the flat statement Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa.” Well, he didn’t make that “flat” statement; he attributed it to the UK. Note that the British aren’t backing down on the claim Bush cited, so why is the administration? I don’t get it.

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