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The following statistics come from the Centers for Disease Control website: On a daily basis, on average, 10 Americans die by drowning, and nine Americans die by fire in their homes. 14 Americans die by pedestrian accidents. 27 Americans die in falls. On average, 50 Americans a day are murdered. 118 die in auto accidents, and 25 people die from A.I.D.S. every day, on average. Yesterday, two Americans died in battle in Iraq.
We are at war. The war isn’t over, but it’s time that somebody put some of this in perspective. The loss of a single member of the military is one too many, and what I’m saying here is not intended to minimize the losses that we’ve suffered, nor is it an attempt to defend Bush or our policy. What I want to do here is simply analyze the reporting and politicizing. There is a lack of perspective and proportion in the reporting of the casualties over there, and all you have to do to expose it, is examine some facts.

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