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But the days when they could say something absurd and have the entire press repeat it like a bunch of parrots are long gone. Take John Edwards, another hopeless Democrat presidential “hopeful.” He went to Des Moines, Iowa and proposed $3 billion for a hundred thousand nurses. People hear this and know what it means: that they’ll be paying $3 billion to buy the senator known in D.C. circuits as “The Breck Girl” a few primary votes. Talk about no new ideas! This is just a repacking of Bill Clinton’s 100,000 new cops and 100,000 new teachers.
Clinton didn’t fund those new positions at all. He just passed a law forcing municipalities to pay for them whether they needed them or not – which means taxpayers had to foot the bill! Let’s review just how much of your money John Edwards has promised to spend buying votes since he first declared that, with only four years of experience in Congress, he presumed to run for president. Start with free tuition for the first year for college freshmen. Why stop there? (Don’t worry; he won’t.)
Then he wants to add parents to a federal insurance program for children, and has a plan for corporate reform that’s going to cost everybody money. But oh, no! He’s not a liberal – and neither is ol’ Howard Dean. Why, he’s a fiscal conservative, they tell us! Well, then go run for governor of California where they could use you, Howie, but leave the rest of us alone! This scramble to cover-up the extreme liberalism of the Democrat field should confirm for you just what a death knell it is to be identified as a liberal running for office nationally in America. People don’t want liberalism, because people know it really means higher taxes, less liberty and bigger government.

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