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“My wife said we needed a new automobile, and I said, ‘Great, the automobile dealer in town is having some tremendous rebates, so let’s buy the most expensive car we can buy so we can get a greater rebate.’ She didn’t think that was a good idea, because it was still going to be expensive. So we are going to have to look at the less expensive cars, but I think we ought to get the rebate that the people are paying for those expensive cars. I mean it’s only fair. Maybe I should just not even buy the car. Maybe I should just go down there and demand the rebate. That’s what we’re talking about here. And what we’re talking about is taking money out of the pockets of people that are paying taxes, income taxes, and putting it into the pockets of people that are not paying income taxes.”
It’s a classic example of the Limbaugh Echo Syndrome. This comes as the left goes into full distortion mode to paint Bush as hating children, although he’s pushed to extend these checks to the very families that Rosa DeLauro whined about! U.S. Newswire carries a press release from United for a Fair Economy that reads like a news story with the headline: “Parents Give Away Child Tax Credits to Counter Bush Tax Agenda.” This group wants you to give away your child tax credit to other people who “need it” more than you do, because the current system isn’t “fair.” They probably got the idea from the DNC, who urged people to sign their tax cut checks over to them. Of course, they used the money to remodel McAuliffe’s office, not to help the poor.
When I hear these sorts of schemes, I always say that it’s your money, so you can do whatever you want with it – but don’t tell the rest of us what we have to do with our hard-earned dough! After playing the audio of these two representatives, I took a call from Paul in Long Island. He listed all the taxes he pays – which net the government far more than those taxed at lower rates – and pointed out that he’s not getting the tax credit. Why? The checks aren’t going to any individual or couple making over $110,000 a year. That’s too much money to Democrats and some Republicans, so they decide you don’t need that tax credit for your children. Is this world not upside down, folks? Tax rebates for people who don’t pay taxes, but no tax cuts for those who pay the most taxes!

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