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Conservatism, as exemplified by Ronald Reagan and the EIB Network, believes in limited government, human liberty and property rights. This is part of my response to Mike in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mike called in to give voice to a question many of you have asked about regarding this kook study out of Berkeley which likens myself and Reagan to Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. A lot of people have written me outraged by this study. I didn’t want to waste time on these dinosaurs, these relics, who know nothing of history and who use the evil deeds of Stalins and Hitlers to besmirch ideologies they cannot beat with facts. They are pointy-headed elitists and superiorists.
It’s those calling themselves “liberals” today who are against individual liberty. They want an all-powerful government exercising power over a society and a people that have no freedom. These Berkeley guys know this. This report tries to spin, redefine and restate what these various ideologies meant. Remember that huge chunks of the left aligned with Stalin and Hitler in this nation while those two dictators murdered their millions. Witness that they side with Fidel Castro now. If they were “conservatives,” would we not see the same liberals who praised the USSR and its communist lackeys praising the EIB Network and Ronald Reagan? Of course. Instead, we see the exact opposite. This naked attempt to rewrite history proves how very worried the left is about the awakening of the American people to what conservatism is really all about.

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