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Marta and I were dining last night to the Brit Hume program on Fox News Channel – try that some time. Lo and behold, there’s Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) – who once asked if the Mars Pathfinder took pictures of the flag Neil Armstrong planted on Mars. I read the closed captioning that goes by and when I read what she was saying, I looked at Marta, and I said, “Is that actually what she just said,” and Marta looked at me dumbfounded. I was incredulous, could not believe it.
Sheila Jackson Lee is upset that there aren’t any hurricanes named after black people. She’s upset that discrimination exists in whomever it is that names hurricanes. The 2003 hurricane season is here, and that means a whole new list of names. This year, the names are Larry, Sam, and Wanda. Spanish and French names are included in this year’s lineup – among them, Juan and Claudette. Claudette struck Texas last week, but popular African-American names, like Keisha, Jamal, and DeShawn, not to mention Tercel and others are nowhere to be found, and some black lawmakers are upset about it, including Sheila Jackson Lee. She says all racial groups should be represented.
I just threw up my hands. Has it come to this now, that there’s elected officials wandering around worried about the discrimination in the name of hurricanes? And hurricanes are destructive. Nobody is very excited when a hurricane is heading their way, and yet here she is demanding that hurricanes be named after black people. You know, it used to be that hurricanes were named only after women because they were destructive and unpredictable. The feminists grew upset, demanded that hurricanes be named after men as well, and now black activists are demanding that they be named with black names.
As I said to Marta, “Do you know who is continuing all this? It’s not the mainstream population. It is these elected black leaders, the civil rights coalitions.” They’re the ones that keep causing this racial divide. They’re the ones that keep calling attention to all this. They’re the ones that keep stirring this pot. They’re the ones who don’t want there to be any color-blind society. They’re the ones who are agitated and trying to agitate others over all this, and now it’s descended to the meaningless element of the names of hurricanes.

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