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That’s why Clinton, with his lip-biting promise to feel the Ponytail Guy’s pain, nailed the idiotic question. Fast-forward to the current Democratic presidential candidates, the Nine Dwarves, at the recent AFL-CIO debate. The first caller to give C-SPAN his reaction on the debate called it a “circus.” He then said that I would be a better candidate, but since I’m not running, maybe Howard Dean should call my show. No, I’m not a candidate – though Dean can’t stop mentioning my name. This fact, however, dovetails nicely with the Ponytail Guy and the montage of AFL-CIO members whining to the Dwarves
The questioners peppered the Dwarves with versions of “What’re you going to do for me?” over and over. This illustrates the fundamental problems we face in the country. It’s bad enough that 5% of the population has always pulled the wagon and the other 95% have enjoyed the ride, but now that 95% is demanding the 5% go faster, farther and provide in-cart adult beverage service! We as a country cannot depend on people like these. They’re not out there asking, “What can I do to help myself improve? What can you guys do to help me help myself?” No, all these whiners are asking, “What are you going to do for me to pay me for my vote?”
Sixty years after John F. Kennedy challenged the nation, “Ask not what your country can do for you,” the party that he once belonged to encourages people to demand, “What can the country do for me?” This country’s greatness doesn’t depend on what the president does in the White House. It depends on what you do every day in your lives. More elected officials need to acknowledge the infinite contributions to greatness made by ordinary, average Americans instead of dwelling 24/7 on the very few contributions government has made.

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