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Graffiti messages like ?I love pollution,? and ?Fat lazy Americans,? were sprayed on the cars, along with the call letters ?ELF? identifying the wacko group responsible for the arson – Earth Liberation Front. I’m not surprised by this at all, and I’m sure there’s going to be much more yet to come.

I warned you about this some five years ago when the Sierra Club first declared war on the SUVs, and you thought I was the wacko. Well just look at the way the SUV has been targeted in press over the years. We?ve pointed this out so many times that we have our own theme song whenever we cover one of these stories. If you were a Martian visiting the planet for the first time, you?d think the SUV was a serial killer on the loose, acting completely on it?s own, minus the driver.
The key thing everyone has to remember is that these militant environmentalist wackos aren?t really involved in the environment at all. That’s just a platform for them to launch their anti-capitalist shenanigans, which you can hear me discuss further in the audio link below, along with addressing a caller’s question about why we don?t deal with them like domestic terrorists.

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