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This is about nothing more than derailing the Howard Dean express. Clark is the Democratic Party’s panacea – despite the fact that he has no idea what he’s doing or saying as evidenced by his Meet the Press appearance. The guy claimed that the White House had tried to pressure him into making a link between Saddam and 9/11. When questioned, he retreated and claimed that it wasn’t the Bush people but rather a member of a Canadian Muslim think-tank.
That might’ve sounded plausible except that there are no such think tanks in Canada! This guy reminds me of the ex-general, mad scientist-type working to take over the world in every Bob Ludlum novel. Clark is a guy who sees conspiracy theories spelled out in his alphabet soup. Yet they’re salivating over Clark on the Democrat side because John Kerry’s effort to associate himself with the military has soured. He’s talked about it so much that everybody is joking about it.
They’re saying, “Mr. Kerry, would you shut up about Vietnam? It’s unbecoming.” People know that Kerry has been saying for years that he threw his Vietnam medals over the White House wall (he was later forced to admit that he threw someone else’s medals) and that now he’s trying to have it both ways. As I said before, my father never talked about his service in WWII; that’s how most veterans are. The Democrats know that they’re weak on defense and national security, and they think Clark gives them instant credibility. Clark gives them an orgasm. This guy – who ran the Bosnia and brutal Kosovo campaigns from far above the clouds – will blow up at some time.
The only question is whether Clark will go Strangelove before Howard Dean flips out, and he’s coming close lately because everybody’s ganging up on him. All these guys are going to go mental at some time. As Dean gets a bigger and bigger lead, he’s going to feel Bill Clinton and Hillary over his shoulder. They’re aiming a major political weapon at him. The Clintons are not going to let any one of these people win the nomination if it looks like Bush can be beaten. So it’s only going to get a little bit more lively and a lot more fun with Clark jumping into the fray, with his announcement – which may be made from 50,000 feet, since that’s his style.

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