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Folks, Ashley Wilkes was a wimp – and he was on the losing side of the Civil War! Women hate him because he depended on Scarlett O’Hara to do everything! Note also that liberal Democrats hate the military, and Dwight D. Eisenhower specifically, yet they’re casting Wilkes as both. Steven Hess, one of Ike’s former speechwriters who’s now at the Brookings Institute, told E.D. Hill on Fox and Friends, “Dwight Eisenhower was a friend of mine, and Wesley Clark ain’t no Dwight Eisenhower. And I don’t mean to put down Wesley Clark, obviously a distinguished military person. The difference is that Kosovo wasn’t no World War II.”
Remember that Ike was a five-star general, and that scuttlebutt out today says that Wesley had to beg Bill Clinton just to get his fourth star. You can read details on all these stories below, and listen to audio of my analysis. Among the Schwarzenegger-like smear of General Ashley Wilkes is a reminder that he supplied the tanks and military equipment for the Branch Davidian invasion. The same liberals who freak out over John Ashcroft’s choice of breakfast heralding a dictatorship, are silent on Clark’s acquiescence to breaking the 120-year-old Posse Comitatus Act baring military actions against civilians. Note too that most of this dirt is coming from Democrats, such as John Edwards – the poor Breck Girl who saw his big re-announcement stomped by Clark’s buzz.

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