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And they’ve been doing it for 50 years, ever since the New Deal. And it is just – it really is – it’s depressing at times. It’s a crying shame, because there are so many people in this country so far more capable than they even know, but because they’re lifelong Democrats and they’ve been raised to think the way they do. They have bought into this silly notion that all compassion resides in people who believe in big government, that compassion doesn’t exist in individuals – in fact, individuals are cheapskates. They are thieves. Whatever liberals can convince people they are, they’ll try. But with all of this so-called charitable compassion that the liberals claim responsibility for, they’re…

Look it, we’ve had callers to this program say so, so I may as well just say it again. Look at what white liberals have done to the black population of this country. Look at what they’ve done with all their so-called social consciousness. What have they actually done? Take a look at the illegitimacy rate. Take a look at the divorce rate. Take a look at the crime rate. Take a look at who’s in prisons. You can take it all back to what all the do-gooders and those with all the social conscience have done to – and it’s actually not just blacks – other minorities and the poor. They have just stripped them of any confidence, any hope.

It’s interesting to look at the historical perspective of various groups of people. The liberals in this country, their historical perspective is the Great Depression. They live 70 years ago in the Great Depression. The media lives eight years ago in the glories and the greatness of the Clinton years. The civil rights coalitions lived 200 years ago in the midst of slavery. And George W. Bush and conservatives live in the future. As we’re trying to fix Iraq and wipe out terrorism and make this country safe and understand the greatness that we have achieved and the great things in the future we want to achieve, the liberal left in this country is locked in whatever pet issue of the past that defines them.

It’s either slavery, it’s either the Great Depression, or it’s FDR, the New Deal and Clinton. But they’re all stuck in the past, and their playbook is old – and they’re all trying to recreate the old days when they ran the show in those days when they were in power. They have no ability to look to the future, and when they do on occasion look to it, all they do is see gloom and doom. They don’t see anything positive; they see nothing upbeat; they don’t see anything good about America. Listen to Madeleine Albright or any of the liberals talk about Iraq and the war on terrorism. You will not hear faith in America; you will want hear faith in America’s people; you will not hear faith in America’s armed forces; you will not hear confidence in any of those groups of people.

You will only hear negativism, doom and gloom, and defeatism. And it’s done calculatedly and on purpose. They’re trying to make everybody else feel that way. They’re trying to make everybody else feel doom and gloomy and hopeless. They’re trying to make everybody else think that America isn’t great. They’re trying to make everybody else feel guilty over what America has been and done in their eyes. And the sole reason for this is to create massive depression and despondency out there and then set themselves up as the ones who can change all this and make it better. That’s what they’re doing. That’s all they’ve got. They have nothing positive to offer. They have nothing affirmative to offer. They can’t say, “Vote for us because of these good reasons.” All they can do is say, “Vote against our opponents because they’re this, that, and the other thing bad.” They are miserable people. They are not happy. They are mean. They are rude. They are everything they accuse their political enemies of being — by two- or threefold.

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