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Corroded or eroded? What does he mean, and does he even know? It doesn’t matter because either term is inaccurate. If you moderate Democrats and Reagan Democrats thought Wesley Clark was “a different kind of Democrat candidate,” you’d better think again. Clark is taking up for these lily-livered, linguini-spined Democrats who whine that their “patriotism” is being challenged when they know very well that it’s their judgment during the war on terrorism that’s being called into question. They aren’t to be trusted, and this is why they’re not going to win the 2004 election.
You can see the lips of the Clinton handlers move when Clark advocates their radical, left wing, blame-America agenda of failure. This guy is a sock puppet. He and his handlers want to redefine patriotism to make sure that it includes the rants and the rages of the hate-America crowd. That’s exactly what he means here when he talks about how we must “respect dissent.” If you don’t hate America and this president, then you’re not patriotic as they define it. Yet it’s just as safe to speak out against the government in America as it is to speak to yourself alone at home.
I am not aware, my friends, of a single instance in which nonviolent freedom of speech including street protests has been abridged by the federal government during this war on terrorism. Not one of these mealy-mouthed little cowards has been silenced! And you know what? It’s not “courageous” to exercise a First Amendment right in a country that allows it. It would be courageous if they spoke out in Cuba or North Korea, but doing so in America risks absolutely nothing. Liberals are the ones questioning people’s patriotism, just as they did by chanting “politics stops at the water’s edge” any time someone took issue with Bill Clinton on things such as ignoring the Genocide in Rwanda.

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