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A mere 30 minutes into the clownfest, AP’s Ron Fornier published a story headlined: “Clark Takes Spotlight at New York Debate” as if it was all over! Brian Williams asked General “Ashley Wilkes” about his pro-GOP comments, albeit building an out into the question with the tag line: “Did you believe it then, and do you believe it now?” Clark said that he’d made a “journey” and had only now realized “We elected a president we thought was a ‘compassionate conservative.’ Instead we got neither conservatism nor compassion. We got a man who recklessly cut taxes.”
As always, the facts call Wesley’s answer into question. He made his pro-Bush remarks on May 11, 2001 – at the very time Bush was pushing for the tax relief that Clark now refers to as destroying our entire way of life one of his bombs from 50,000 feet! Yesterday afternoon Joe Lieberman said, “Wesley Clark is engaged in a campaign of convenience,” and he’s 100% right. I’m still stunned that Howard Dean and the rest of these dwarves haven’t stood up and said, “We’re not going to accept having a top-down candidate foisted upon us – a candidate designed to screw any chances we have for winning simply to clear the field for Hillary in 2008.”
Judging from the way Chris Matthews gushed over Clark as “untouchable” and making the others “afraid of those four stars,” Democrat John McCain may be in danger of losing his spot as unofficial co-host of Matthews seven TV shows. Frankly, I think the 2001 Clark statements are closer to whatever real beliefs the guy has – certainly closer than the spoon-fed lines he spewed last night. He gives the impression of an automaton mouthing words that he doesn’t know the meaning of, such as his debate claim that he’s “pro-environmental” (we assume he was told to say “pro-environment” but forgot the line) and “pro-health.” I mean, who isn’t? Is anyone anti-health and anti-environment? That’s the kind of stuff Democrats, who think rich Republicans have a secret planet hidden somewhere, push to advance class warfare. Clearly Clark doesn’t want to be running. He’s running for one reason: to destroy Howard Dean’s momentum.

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