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You can’t escape the feeding frenzy over the Mrs. Joe Wilson non-story. Robert Novak has made it a non-story by saying that no one at the White House “leaked” Joe Wilson’s wife’s name to him, and that she is not a CIA “agent,” “covert operative” or “spy.” We rolled you audio of Mr. Wilson darkly saying that his wife was “outed” by the release of her maiden name, implying that she used that name as a cover to deceive the bad guys. The truth? Wilson’s wife’s maiden name is not only in the public domain, but he names her as his spouse by that name in his bio at the Middle East Institute!
Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has picked up on the media spin that the supposed “leaking” of this secret agent’s name was like “putting a gun to her head.” Again: she’s not an agent! As with Schumer, Joe Wilson’s credibility ought to be a matter of question. He’s a well-known Bush hater who targeted White House political advisor Karl Rove for a smear campaign months ago. Note also that Schumer has fought to decriminalize the leaking of classified data like this since 1989! Only now, does he think it should be a crime.
So much for the left’s great love for “whistleblowers,” eh, folks? As predicted, not one member of the media asked Schumer about this glaring personal contradiction in his press conference. No, they’re too busy copying down the seething hatred pouring from Schumer, Tom Daschle and other Democrats who – in another major double standard – want to resurrect the very special prosecutor title they hated and let expire in order to destroy Bush! Democrats and liberals like billionaire George Soros are creating a set of very dangerous personal circumstances for President Bush with their hatred, folks. This is bad stuff.

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