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I have – not only on this program, but on the ESPN program – I’ve been highly critical of Kurt Warner and of the media’s unending absorption with the Warner story in Los Angeles. I’ve said, “Can we move on from Kurt Warner?” He’s a white quarterback. There was a little media favoritism with Warner. Never got a comment about it at all. You know, I saw a little bit of McNabb’s press conference today, and I think – I just want to say this. I think it’s an insult to all these black athletes and black quarterbacks for the media to assume that they’re babies and wimps and can’t handle criticism.
They’re athletes, and they get criticized all the time. They get criticized for not being as good as fans want them to be or what have you. It’s part of the game. And McNabb’s a man; McNabb deals with it all the time. To expect that he needs to be defended and all this is an insult to him. He’s a tough guy. He’s demonstrated that throughout his career, not just in the NFL, but in college, high school and wherever. You don’t need to make victims of these people, sports media! You don’t need to make a victim out of Donovan McNabb, and he doesn’t want to be a victim. You know, we’re all just human beings. Can we act like it?

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