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Ladies and gentlemen, what I said was not racially motivated. It was not racist, and there wasn’t any racism in it whatsoever. It’s being said to be all of that, and that’s why I’m defending it vigorously. You can hear me expand on that defense in the audio link below, particularly on how it pertains to other things I?ve offered an opinion on – the abject failure of the so-called war on poverty being one of them.
The Great Society is a complete failure, folks. The concept is well-intentioned – and that’s entirely how the left wants us to measure it: by intentions. “Don’t measure the results, measure our effort, intentions and our hearts, because that?s what’s what counts.” What about the people you’re supposedly helping? We?ve only tried one way of dealing with it and that’s spending other people’s money making these individuals more dependent on government so certain politicians can take their votes for granted!
I have every bit as much compassion for the downtrodden and poor as the next person. I just disagree with the way to help them. I disagree with the way they are dealing with helping underprivileged and disadvantaged people change their lives. For that I’ve earned the reputation, according to the arbiters of speech on the left, as being “insensitive.” I’ve been dealing with it for 15 years. I’m fed up with these automatic conclusions that the left is getting away with making about conservatives.
It?s the conservative label itself that?s under attack because they can’t meet us in the arena of ideas. Because they can’t, they want to discredit us with racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia and all of that. I’m speaking primarily here of the media, because I know them like the back of my hand. There are two stories on Friday in the sports section of USA Today that automatically assume that’s who I am just because I’m who I am. It?s incredible and it’s disgusting.

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