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California’s political toilet’s overflowed yesterday, and the Democrats refused to see the water rising because they wanted the liberals to win. The Democrats still refuse to see the reasons for their loss. Dukakis ’88 campaign manager turned Fox pundit Susan Estrich said that Schwarzenegger “won because Terry McAuliffe and Gray Davis agreed that no credible Democrat would be on the ballot.” In the audio below, she just trashes poor Cruz Bustamante ? whose name in Spanish means “large breasts” – as the political equivalent of a stuffed bra, calling him “a lousy candidate.”
These people dump on their own people, the voters or the process itself when they lose. They never admit that their ideas were rejected! ABC’s George Stephanopoulos looked at the elephant in the room last night and called it a sparrow, making the laughable statement that this recall vote “is not going to have national implications.” If there are no national implications, George, why were all these national Democrats campaigning out there?
Does Stephy not know that this is the largest state with the largest congressional delegation and the biggest cache electoral votes? Arnold has already registered 130,000 new GOP voters in the state. That’s over a fifth of Vermont’s entire population, you Howard Deaners! David Gergen and Leon Panetta’s comments were equally off on ABC. These are both very nice guys and I don’t mean to put them down, but their commentary was off the mark. They’re two elitists who just don’t get it.
That’s not a dig; it’s a fact. They saw this democracy in action and thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen. It was sort of pathetic to see just how out of touch they were. This is how you end up with the media in California, and nationally, pulling for the Democrats and hoping they do well. This is how you end up with the press missing Reagan’s 1980 landslide because everyone they knew was voting for Carter. The bias is as plain as day ? except to the ones who have it.

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