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If the Democrats were really interested in revenue pouring in, they’d continue to cut taxes, they’d lower the capital gains rate or get rid of it altogether, and they’d be back to their precious little surplus projection days. But that’s not what they’re really interested in. They’re interested in class warfare and getting you to hate the rich. They want you thinking the rich aren?t suffering while everybody else is. They want you thinking the rich are causing all this so that you’ll vote for them.
They claim to want all this money to spend, but they don’t care, they spend it anyway. Ever heard of deficits? They spend money left and right. You ever heard of a budget program going down, ever heard of a Great Society program being reduced, ever heard of a health care program being reduced, genuinely cut? Doesn’t happen. If they have to, they’ll borrow the money to increase spending. Hello deficits. Ain’t causing tax cuts. Tax cuts are what’s causing the economy to come back finally.
Bush’s tax cuts are causing more economic activity, hello, the economy is starting to grow and if it continues to recover like this, we’re going to get rid of this deficit lot sooner than anybody thinks. The Democrats are using it as a monster. Keep an eye on this and you’ll see that I’m right in a very short period of time.

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