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Here?s another example: ?A self-taught bear expert who once called Alaska’s brown bears harmless was one of two people fatally mauled in a bear attack in an Alaskan national park.” Here’s a bear expert who said that brown bears were harmless. He’s now dead, killed by bears. If a bear had a daily calendar, it would read: ?Wake up, kill something, eat it, take a nap, find something else, kill it, eat it…? A caller cited a lot of stuff this guy said on his website, and I?m sure he believed it. There?s an agenda here, aimed at getting kids when they?re young – like Ted Turner?s Captain Planet did – so you can tug their heart strings any time human beings might want to say, ?Hey, we?re part of nature too.?
Now Steve Wynn – who built the Mirage and Bellagio in Las Vegas – has suggested his theory that the tiger was trying to protect Roy from a big haired woman in the audience by taking him by the neck like a cub and dragging him to safety. But Jonathan Kraft, who runs the Arizona-based nonprofit group Keepers of the Wild, told the Associated Press: ?The cat wasn’t trying to protect him. That was a typical killing bite.” Now, I like Wynn. He?s actually going blind and it can?t be stopped, but he hasn?t let it change his life.
I have seen him play when I went out to Shadow Creek, the amazing course he built. You wouldn?t believe what an amazing achievement he?s made out there. This is the same desire people show when they try to ?rehabilitate? hardened criminals. Bad people are bad people. Nature is literally in someone?s nature. Similarly, tigers are wired to kill. That?s what they?ve evolved to do. They didn?t evolve to protect humans – and if this one was trying to do so, he proved that fact. The tiger?s not “bad;” it?s just a tiger! There’s too much relativism – specifically moral relativism – in the world today. People refuse to accept what things really are, and it would be much better if we could do that.

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